Welcome to the True Life Army!  If you’ve made it this far, you probably know that I’m Tony Pampel, the founder of True Life Financial Planning.  True Life is a firm that helps clients with all aspects of their financial lives regardless of where they live, what they do, or how they choose to invest.

The concept of the True Life Army comes from the driving vision behind why I started my firm.  When I finish my career, I want to have built an army of people who can look at something in their life – be it some prized possession, a relationship or an unforgettable experience – and say that they never would have had it without my help.

This online version of the True Life Army, though, is designed as a repository for free information and opinions available to all.  It is my hope that you’ll find a blog post, video or other content that speaks to you.  If you find just one piece that makes you better than you were before you saw it, then I’m happy.

Be forewarned!  I am not a blogger, podcaster, actor or poet.  The videos that you see on the True Life Army are unscripted, and many don’t even go through any form of post-production.  I hope that my earnest desire to bring benefit to you and positive change to the financial planning industry will earn me a bit of forgiveness for the technical quality of my content.


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